Quick Config is a convenient tool aimed to change quickly various settings of your computer.

For Whom?

For those users who traveling with laptop across an working places, home and office and want to be able to change network connection settings, set default printer, network shares quickly.

How it works?

Create a new profile with desired settings (for home, office, etc), activate profile by double clicking on it.


Quick Config designed to help you quickly change Windows settings with one click.

Create a new profile with desired settings, assign name, icon, hot key (if needed) and next switch settings by activating this profile. Sounds easy?

You can create as many profiles as you want - Home, Office, Video Room, Hotel, Airport, Starbucks and so on. No matter how many profiles you have, you can easily arrange profiles into a groups. Another good thing about profiles - you can easily back-up, import, export, share profiles with colleagues and friends.

For quick access you can create desktop shortcuts for profile, so you even do not need to launch Quick Config every time you want to switch the settings.

For Administrators and ITs

Quick Config does not require administrative priveledges to apply system settings, and does not activate Windows User Account Control (UAC).

Application is fully configurable, during installation process you can choose plugins to install, or disable unneeded plugins in application settings.

Need some special settings? Due to plugin model you can develop your own plugin using QC Plugin API. Or ask us to develop this plugin for you. For more info please contact us.

Profile Settings


  • Network connections TCP/IP settings (IP address, mask, gateway, DNS server, MAC), state of network connection
  • Computer identification computer name, domain or workgroup membership
  • Mapped Network Drives map, unmap network drives
  • Shared resources share, unshare local resources
  • Hosts file
  • Routing table


  • Sound sound volume, sound theme
  • Printer set default printer
  • Services start, stop, restart system services
  • Registry delete, add, change registry keys
  • Power switch the current power scheme

Internet Browser

  • Internet Explorer network connection settings, Home Page
  • Firefox network connection settings, Home Page
  • Opera network connection settings, Home Page
  • Chrome network connection settings, Home Page


  • Default applications default Internet Browser, E-Mail client
  • Launch applications launch selected applications after applying profile